Jesus looked at them and said,

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Matthew 19:26

We present to you, CHARIOTS!  Available now!

Chariots is a racing game set loosely in ancient history. Players can race on foot, horseback or in a chariot. It is primarily a single player game, but can accommodate up to 14 players on a LAN or user-hosted Internet server. There are a variety of types of races as well as some collection quests for the players to complete. Chariots is unique in that it provides an immersive role-playing experience to the racing, where players must traverse the island of Cyprus to find the races in nearby cities. Actual historical names of Cyprus cities were chosen for the creation of this game, players may recognise some of them from archeological studies, or the Bible.

The idea for Chariots was drawn from our flagship project, VISIONS. Originally intended to be a team building exercise, we drew one tiny sliver of content from the Visions design document and converted it into a separate game playable by a single player.  One of the goals however was that the bulk of the content of Chariots should be transferrable to Visions when we are done, so that even though we are not directly working on Visions, our time will not be wasted.  Come January, we plan to begin the transition process wherein we will be converting the relevant content from Chariots to Visions and preparing for the first stage of our newly revised multi-stage launch plan.


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