Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Fundraiser program?

This is an opportunity for non-profit organizations, like churches, scouts and missionaries, to have access to a selection of Christian game titles at an increased discount for the purpose of generating funds for their project.

Who can participate in this program?

Non-Profic organizations, Scout groups, Missionaries, Church groups, School groups, people trying to earn money to get to CGDC. We will consider other functions as well. Please fill out our Fundraiser Application form if your organization is interested!

Please also feel free to download this poster and print as many copies as you want to share with your organization or post in your community.


How can my organization make money from this?

We are offering one of the largest profit margins to non-profit groups than any other fundraiser program, up to 40% of the sale. You simply need to apply to join as a Fundraiser and register with one of our program opportunities.* You buy products at the Fundraiser discount, and sell them at retail price.  You keep the difference.

How does it work?

1) Apply for consideration to the Fundraiser program.

2) Once approved, choose from among 4 program opportunities.*

3) Take orders and sell games to customers at retail price.

4) Place your product order online at the Fundraiser discount, you keep the difference for your organization.

5) We ship games to your address, you deliver them to your customers.

What are the different program opportunities?

We have 4 startup options to meet the needs of most organizations.  Choose one of these options to get started fundraising!

The Free Start - Go Getter opportunity allows a person to get started with $0 investment by taking orders with self-printed order forms and product flyers. This is the hardest way to make sales, but is a good option for people who have a strong drive to succeed and no investment capital.

The Quick Launch Kit is anticipated to be our most popular choice, as it is a minimal investment and gives you a copy of each game to show to customers exactly what it is they will be getting. This still requires you to take orders from customers and wait for them to arrive in the mail but will be a little easier to get sales when people can see what they will be getting.

The Expo Demo Kit allows for higher sales yield when the customer is able to take the product home with them at the point of sale.  This is an outright purchase option, you buy the kit at the Fundraiser discount, your organization sets the price on the items up to full retail price.

The Business Builder Kit is an opportunity to purchase a large quantity of titles at the maximum discounted price. These can be used for quick-sale fundraiser door-to-door sales drives, as a business startup option to sell Christian Games in your community, or they can be used as point of sale fundraiser opportunity. This is the best opportunity for maximizing sales and increasing profits for your fundraiser. People like to take it home the moment they buy it!


Free Start - Go Getter ($0 investment. Start today!  Download forms for free and print them yourself to use immediately. Nothing is shipped to you until you place an order online.)

Quick Launch Kit ($125 for one copy of each game to demo (9 games) plus some pre-printed forms.)

 Expo Demo Kit ($575 for a pack of 5 of each of the 9 titles [45 games total], plus pre-printed forms. - Save $50 compared to the Quick Launch kit!)

 Business Builder Kit ($1100 for a pack of 10 of each of the 9 titles [90 games total], plus pre-printed forms. - Save $150 compared to the Quick Launch kit!)

What games are available in this fundraiser opportunity?

Chariots, by Heaven's Blessings Tiny Zoo

Interactive Parables, by Graceworks Interactive (also available in Spanish)

Hermie & Friends - Camping, by Digital Praise

Hermie & Friends - Flo, by Digital Praise

Adventures in Odyssey and the Sword in the Spirit, by Digital Praise

Scripture Solitaire, by Inspired Idea

Principality, a card game by Epos Entertainment

Prophecy, a card game by Epos Entertainment

Unity, a card game by Yeshuatinu Company

And possibly other titles to be added later.


Donate now!

 Please note all donations are non-refundable, and non-tax-deductible.