Volunteers Needed!

Updated January 2008

We are a professional company seeking experienced game developers to work on our prefessional commercial game projects.

Are you excited about making Christian games?

Would you like experience working on a Game Development Team to add to your resume?

Making games isn't all fun and games. It can be fun but there is actual work involved.

Do you have both the time and dedication to help bring a dream to life?

If you can answer yes to these questions, and if you have talents and skills which we are seeking, then we would like to hear from you!  

If you would like to help but don't meet our requirements, please read this!

We need the following Volunteers:







Human Resources (Marketing and Recruiters)

IT Department

Requirements for ALL team members:

Must be self motivated.

Must have reliable internet access.

Must be able to work a few hours every week on the project. (A couple hours on occasional holidays is not enough to benefit our team, sorry!  Plan to spend 5-10 hours or more every week. Schedule it into your weekly routine, like a regular scheduling commitment.)

Must be excited about online games or Christian games, or both.

Must be willing to take initiative.  This is a virtual team. No one is going to be there to tap on your cubicle and wake you up from your nap. You MUST be a self-starter and self-motivated.

Must be capable of learning and adapting to the needs of the project.

Must be able to able to receive constructive criticism, and willing to make corrections as needed.

Must have a positive attitude.  We are all friends here.  We treat each other in a friendly manner.

Must accept the conditions of working on our volunteer team.

We need volunteers willing to work in the following positions

Programming Team - Several positions still open - Current requirements: Familiarity with C/C++, Torque scsripting, OpenGL, and Direct3D programming.  All game programmers must also own or purchase the Torque Shader Engine (TSE) from www.garagegames.com.

3D game programmer

3D Digital Terrain developer

Network programmer

User Interface programmer

MySQL Database programmer

PHP programmer

Art Team - Several positions still open - Current requirements: To own a licensed copy of, and be familiar with your art creation software of choice (such as Milkshape, 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, etc.), and to be able to import/export models from Milkshape.

3D Model artist - Low poly modeling, and high rez normal mapping


UVwrapping - Texture artist

2D Concept artist

2D Graphics Artist, for Icons and UI elements

3D Cinematographer

Sound Team -  Sound Team is nearly full, but still accepting applications from exceptional talent - Current requirements -: To own appropriate music recording equipment and software needed to create the audio effects for the game:

Digital Music Composer

Sound Engineer

Quest Team -  Still accepting applications from dedicated writers willing to take on daily assignments - Current Requirements - creative writing, ability to generate game related storylines, weave individual quests together to create an exciting game experience.  Will work closely with the research team.

Research Team - Research Team is still accepting applications from dedicated individuals.

Biblical Historian - someone knowledgeable in all eras of the Bible, who will direct us in creating a believeable Biblical culture and environment for the players.

Researchers -   broad scale team assistants, who will offer time to perform internet or library searches and bibliographies for information to strengthen the historical accuracy of details within the game.  Needs for people in this position fluxuate. Sometimes we have less content that needs to be researched than other times.

Legal advisor - This position still available - a business Lawyer willing to offer legal counsel and assistance pro bono.

Human Resources Team - The HR department helps us staff our project, keeps the staff needs coordinated, and meets other non-development but ever so important needs of the project related to administration, paperwork, marketing, staffing and recruiting.

Marketing - Must be capable of thinking outside the box, to find new and createive ways to market our products and our team needs to the general public.  Must already have or be willing to establish reputable contacts in the game industry, to meet the needs of the project.

Recruiters - Current requirements:  Must be Fluent in English, with good writing and spelling skills, knowledge of resources to seek recruits, familiarity with the needs of the team, excited about the game project, and willing to interact with recruits in the pre-screening process .

IT Department-  All aspects of Internet and Intranet Technology, including server maintenance, networking, web hosting, and web development.

Web Developer - Must be a dedicated team member willing to assist and collaborate with the Web Development Team to create and maintain our new website currently being re-designed. (No 3rd party interests will be considered, all website development will be handled internally. Thank you.)


Things you should know before you apply...

Please be advised that we currently do not have funding to offer paid positions.  All work being done on the project is by volunteers, who work mainly from home, and communicate over the internet.  A reliable internet connection is essential for participating on the Visions Development Team.  There is no promise, explicit or implied, that work on this project will result in monetary compensation.  While we do hope to obtain funding sufficient to offer competetively paid positions to all team members, there is no guarantee or promise that this will ever happen. We are all volunteers here, even the business owner, Sparkling.


Please be aware that this is a professional work environment.  Just because we are volunteers does not mean that anyone on the team should behave in a rude or vulgar fashion.  I feel that if we are to compete in a professional game development world that the project must be conducted with a professional attitude as well. This means that I expect all members of the team to treat one another with the same level of respect, courtesy and politeness that I want people to show me.


And finally, please be aware that this is a game based on the Bible, staged in 2nd century Holy Land, and religious discussions are likely to occur.  We will accept volunteers of any gender, religion, or nationality as long as the applicant meets appropriate technical skills requirements for the position they are applying for.  Just as we are willing to accept people on the team without discrimination, the applicant must be willing to work peacably among Christians with strong family values as well.

Are you still interested?

Excellent!  We are delighted to hear from you!  Please send me an email referencing which team you are interested in joining, describe your talents, experience, time available, and how soon you can start.  Please include web links to samples of your work whenever possible.  

APPLY NOW!  Job Application


The Visions Dev Team doesn't need any skills I have to offer. How else can I help?

      #1.  Tell your friends!  We are tremendously dependant on player interest for this game to be a success.  Please share the link http://www.visionsgame.com with all your online gaming and role playing gamer friends.  Post the link in your Church bulletin.  Put an ad in your local city or college newspaper.  The more people who support our cause, the faster we'll be able to get the game completed.

     #2. Pray for us.  If you don't have the time, a needed talent, or the money to contribute, please pray for us.  We are creating this game in faith as we feel directed by the leading of our hearts.  Yet with any project of this magnitude there are always moments of doubt or frustration.  We understand that there will be problems along the way as with any development project, but please pray that we will handle each situation wisely and to the best possible outcome for all who are involved.

     #3. You can donate financially.  Even $12 helps.  If 500,000 people were to donate $12 we would have sufficient funding for 2 years.  If you are only able to make a 1 time donation of any amount, or if you are able to make a faith-promise donation of $12 a month for 12 months, either would be greatly appreciated.  If you are not able to donate time, but can donate money, please use the Donation button in the side menu to the left or at the bottom of this page.


Thank you for your support!


Donate now!

 Please note all donations are non-refundable, and non-tax-deductible.